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Welcome to Heartland Child Development

Our State of Iowa Licensed, non-profit organization is dedicated to:

  • introducing toddlers/infants to an age-appropriate classroom experience as a building block for preschool
  • prepare children ages 3 - 5 for the Kindergarten experience through programs that promote social, emotional, language, motor, self-help, and congitive/academic development
  • the education and advancement of adult individuals choosing Early Childhood Education and/or Child Development as a career path
  • providing a fun, activity filled, safe summer day camp program for school age children kindergarten through sixth grade



COVID UPDATE … effective 8/24/20


As COVID-19 has altered so much in our daily lives … we here at Heartland have altered our operations as well to keep students and faculty safe and healthy to the best of our ability.


Upon our return on 6/1/20, guidelines were determined based on recommendations at that time.


For the 2020/21 school-year, our protocols have been reviewed with the most recent guidance / mandates / best practices provided by IDPH, Iowa DHS, and the CDC.


  • Our school year will begin on Monday, August 24.  In past years, we were able to take some students back prior to the official school start date.  Unfortunately, this year we are unable to do so.  Heartland will be working under restricted group sizes / reduced faculty for the remainder of summer.


  • Entry to the school will be through the side / west entrance only.  Only one parent / family will enter at a time.  Six-foot distancing while waiting outside the building is recommended.  Markings are on the sidewalk.   


·          Adults will not be allowed beyond the entryway.  Adults will be required to wear a mask for drop off / pick up.  A staff member will sign your child in, monitor their hand washing, and escort to the classroom.  Communication systems will be in place to keep parents informed.


·          Children will be screened upon entry.  Any temperature above 100.3 will not be admitted. Children with a cough or rash will not be admitted.  If your child presents with a fever, cough, rash … they will be excluded for a minimum of 72 hours.  Children can return after 72 hours IF:


1) your child has been fever free or symptom free without medication

2) your child continues with symptoms of fever, cough or rash, BUT has been seen be a physician and cleared to return (written note provided)

3) your child continues with symptoms of fever, cough or rash, BUT has been tested for COVID and received a negative result (printed results provided)


Typical exclusions for all other childhood illnesses will remain in place as was previously followed.


  • Your child’s quiet-time materials will be sent home weekly for laundering.  IT IS ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL THEY BE WASHED EACH WEEKEND.


  • Please be advised:  staff members are not required to wear masks; classrooms may have up to 20 children; social distancing does NOT happen in early childhood classrooms; we avoid co-mingling of classrooms (see reduced hours below).


  • We are continuing with enhanced cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting procedures.  Classroom toys / materials may be limited.


  • No field trips will take place until further notice.


  • Due to the fact that we are no longer co-mingling classes at the beginning of the day and the end of the day to minimize cross-classroom contamination, our summer hours were restricted since re-opening on 6/1/20.  We will begin our school year with those same restricted hours in place … 7:45 – 5:00.  Our hope is to continue to expand those hours over a period of time as our restrictions / illness lessen.  We do realize this is challenging!  (We are pleased we are able to cover 7:45 – 5:00 … a comparable program in Council Bluffs is currently running only 8 – 4:30.)



We appreciate your support and understanding as we move forward.  If you feel you are unable to support these protocols / continue participation in Heartland programming, we understand.  While some will feel guidelines have not gone far enough … others may feel they are too restrictive.  Please note that guidelines herein are non-negotiable and will remain in place until further notice.  (EVERYTHING is subject to change.  Closings may occur based on confirmed cases.)  We are now, and will continue to, rely on guidance disseminated from those supporting agencies in the medical / science / early childhood field who assist us in establishing our systems.  Your child’s signed Enrollment Packet is your acceptance of Heartland mandates (those mandates posted here as well as those on our website).  Again, we appreciate your support.