Nursery - 2020/2021 School Year

All policies contained within the Programs tabs, as well as policies in the Parent Manual, are secondary to the COVID protocols listed on the Home page.


Ages: 6 weeks - Approximately 12 months
Days: Monday through Friday Year Round
Hours: 7:00 am - 5:25 pm   * Covid Restricted Hours 6/1/2020 (See Home Page)

Heartland hours are 7:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.  We ask that families arrive by 5:25 to communicate with faculty, gather belongings and exit building by 5:30 p.m.  Please respect that our faculty members have school / family activities / professional meetings / other jobs that the need to attend following their work day at Heartland.  An automatic $15 late fee will be enforced for any family picking up after 5:30.  An additional $1 per minute will be added for any child not picked up by 5:40 p.m.  Late fee is due with the next tuition payment.  This is a penalty fee … NOT a service.
Registration Fee: $100 fee per child ($75 registration fee + $25 deposit to be refunded)

Fee must be re-paid if student withdraws for more than 3 weeks
Cost: $205 per week  (only full time placement available)

Families must enroll full time.  Weekly tuition must be paid regardless of attendance.

Payments are due at the beginning of each week for the current week’s tuition.  Payments must be placed in the drop box no later than the end of day each Tuesday.  Please refer to the “Late Fees” portion of the Parent Handbook.  One week of "vacation/non-attendance" with no payment is allowed for children who attend for 12 consecutive months.  Twelve month calculation begins upon enrollment.
Details: Families must pay for a full week, each week, regardless of attendance.

Two weeks notice (with payment) is required if a family chooses to withdraw.
Supply List:
  • Minimum of 2 sets seasonal clothes
  • Diapers (to be replenished as needed)
  • 3 packages of diaper wipes
  • Daily bottles (more information under feeding policy)
  • Daily foods (more information under feeding policy)
  • 5 bibs per week (when eating solid foods) and / daily burp cloths for bottle feeding.  (Bibs / burp cloths will be sent home weekly for laundering.)
  • Minimum of 2 pacifiers* (if used)

    Use of pacifiers is discouraged after approximately 18 - 24 months.  After that age, it can hinder speech and produce unwanted dental issues.

Ratio: Typically 2 teachers with up to 7 infants.
Upon Arrival Each Day: Sign child in, making needed notes regarding last feeding, medications, fussiness, alternate pick up instructions, etc.
Child must be fed first feeding of the day prior to arrival.
Child must be removed from car seat and handed to teacher.
On Mondays, place blanket and bibs in his/her crib.  Teacher will manage from there.
Place any new supplies (wipes, diapers, clothing, foods, etc.) in your child's crib.  Teacher will manage from there.
Place your child's labeled / dated bottles in the refrigerator.
Sleep Policy: All infants will be placed on his/her back to sleep.  If an alternate sleeping position is needed, a signed physician authorization statement of medical reason is required.
Infants are placed on a firm mattress with a tight fitted sheet that meets Consumer Product Safety Commission federal standards.  Infants sleep alone in his/her designated crib.
Infant “sleep” room is adjacent to infant “active” room.  The two rooms are open to one another and children can be observed by staff members in either room by sight and sound.  A convex mirror adds additional sight lines.
Infant classroom thermostat is set to be comfortable for an adult dressed in light clothing, therefore, blankets are not necessary.

NO smoking is allowed within Heartland Child Development, nor within 100 feet of the premises.
Feeding Policy: Infant should be fed first feeding of the day prior to arrival at Heartland.
Infants are fed on demand.  Please prepare and send enough bottles to cover a typical length day.  Please also provide Heartland with one “back up” bottle feeding to be kept on-site in case of an emergency.  If breast feeding, this would consist of one labeled bag of breast milk to be frozen.  If formula feeding, this would consist of one serving of powder ready to be mixed as needed.
Bottles should be prepared and provided daily.  They should each be labeled with child’s name.  (i.e., masking tape.)  Bottles should be placed in the classroom refrigerator each morning upon drop off.
If infant does not consume an entire bottle at one feeding, the remaining contents of the bottle will be discarded.
Infants will be held during bottle feedings.  Bottles will not be propped.
When infants are ready for solid foods to be introduced, families will be responsible for providing foods (i.e., infant cereal, beginning fruits / vegetables, later second level foods, snacks / puffs / etc.) up to age one year.
If infant does not consume an entire jar / container of food at one feeding, the remaining contents will be discarded.
Families will need to fill out a Feeding Pattern form for their child.  This form will be kept in the classroom and need to be updated by the family regularly for the staff when feeding changes occur.